Project Value: $2.5m

The Townsville Cycle Club Inc is located at 46-92 Stuart Drive, Idalia. In the February 2019 monsoon event the club sustained significant damage too much of its infrastructure including the 333m concrete velodrome. In conjunction with Townsville City Council and the Department of Sport and Recreation, the Townsville Cycle Club was successful in its application for funding to demolish the concrete velodrome and reconstruct a new velodrome in its place.

Ormes Project Solutions was instrumental in sourcing the funding and has been engaged to manage the design, construction and certification of a state of the art, UCI certified 250m long concrete velodrome at the Idalia site. This velodrome will be one of the only UCI certified 250m long velodromes in the country and the only one of its kind in Queensland outside Brisbane.


Project Value: $8m

North Queensland’s driver education and motorsport precinct, DriveIT NQ can now commence planning and construction of Stage 2 and 3 to provide northern Australia with a first class, multiple-purpose motor sports venue. OPS has been awarded the contract to deliver project management and contract superintendent services for the construction of a 7km race track, pit and miscellaneous facilities followed by North Queensland’s newest drag strip. The upgraded facility will enhance the capabilities of DriveIT NQ to provide community and motorsport events, driver training and education, and professional motorsport racing.

Ormes Project Solutions Director, Simon Ormes, said “we are proud to be involved in the delivery of another iconic facility for the North Queensland community. The DriveIt NQ project will provide state of the art facilities and services to the entire community – not just those interested in motor sport, and reinforces our standing as one of the region’s premier provider of project management solutions.”

Mount Fox Energy Park

Project Value: $100m

Located inland from Ingham in regional North Queensland, Mount Fox Energy Park (MFEP) is a proposed 350 megawatt wind farm approximately 100km NW of Townsville. Still in development stage, MFEP is an entirely Australian-owned entity and is being developed in partnership with landowners.

OPS has been engaged to manage the community and stakeholder engagement for MFEP.

For any project, early engagement is vital to help project teams understand the propensity of the community and provides opportunities to work with local communities.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Manager, Heather Allen said “Not only is the opportunity to be involved with MFEP encouraging knowing employment and business opportunities for the community can be enhanced, being part of the bigger picture with construction of one more renewable energy project to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is inspiring, and it’s right here in North Queensland!”.

Moranbah Airport Apron Upgrade

Project Value: $8m

The Moranbah Airport is a strategic BMA asset which facilitates private charter and regular public transport aircraft services to support the mining industry and local community needs.

Through quarterly third-party pavement inspections, Bays 1-3 of the apron were categorised as poor condition. The consultant flagged that a relatively wet wet-season could result in the failure of the pavement. Geotechnical testing completed in 2019 confirmed that root cause of the pavement failure is weak sub-grade, inadequate drainage and as such, a full-depth pavement upgrade was required for Bays 1 & 2 with a partial replacement required for Bay 3.

The increased aircraft traffic due to the implementation of COVID19 social distancing controls increased the loading on the airport pavements between April and October 2020. This traffic increase is expected to result in accelerated pavement deterioration. This project completed a pavement upgrade of Parking Bays 1-3 and Taxi-lane behind Bays 1-3 to enable compliance requirements to be met for the current runway design aircraft (Fokker F70 jets).

Ormes Project Solutions joined the Project Team of Client BMA, Design Consultant GHD and Contractor Fulton Hogan to assist in the delivery of the project on the Client side ensuring the project would be completed prior to the onset of the 2021 wet season.

Port of Townsville Channel Capacity Upgrade

Project Value: $120m

Port of Townsville Limited (the Port) is a Government Owned Corporation which manages the Port of Townsville. The Port is located on Cleveland Bay, approximately three kilometres east of the Townsville city centre in North Queensland. It is a multi-purpose port that handles predominantly bulk and general cargo with a land and sea jurisdiction in excess of 450 km2. The Port is situated in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area but is outside of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Townsville is a long-established township with a history of urbanisation and industrial activities in the Ross River and Ross Creek drainage system.

The Townsville Port Expansion Channel Upgrade Project (CU Project) is Stage 1 of the Port’s long-term Port Expansion Project (PEP). The PEP aims to create a series of strategic assets that will address current capacity constraints and accommodate future growth in trade over a planning horizon to 2040.

Hall Contracting Pty Ltd was engaged to undertake the civil works including the construction of a rock wall and revetments, creating a 60-hectare reclamation area for material dredged from the channel to be placed. Following the successful delivery of this project, Hall was subsequently engaged to undertake the capital dredging to widen 14.9 kilometres of sea channels over two years and reclamation of 62 hectares of land through beneficial reuse of over 3 million cubic metres of dredged material.

Ormes Project Solutions has been engaged to undertake the commercial management of the project supporting Hall’s project team in the administration of both the head contract and significant value subcontracts with local suppliers.

Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project

Project Value: $215m

The Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project (HPDP) involves the duplication of a fully functioning and sustainable 36.5km pipeline from the Haughton Pump Station to the Ross River Dam.

A backup to the Ross River Dam, the HPDP will provide a bulk raw water supply link to the Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme. The pipeline is capable of pumping raw water into the Ross River Dam to augment or “top up” water levels during periods of very low rainfall.

Ormes Project Solutions (OPS) worked as an integral part of the project management team providing advice on procurement strategy, probity and commercial and contractual matters.  OPS undertook the role of Superintendent’s Representative on the first construction package of the project and continues to provide ongoing support to the team.


Guthalungra Prawn Farm

Project Value: $150m

The Guthalungra prawn farm – located 40 kilometres north of Bowen and adjacent to Elliot River – will be the second North Queensland aquaculture project for Pacific Reef Fisheries, who are already operating a facility in Ayr.  The farm with produce black tiger prawns (Penaeus monodon) which is a fast-growing tropical to subtropical species suited to warm, brackish waters. The black tiger prawn is one of 3 prawn species farmed in Queensland, and the main species farmed in Australia.

The Guthalungra prawns will be grown using a world-first bioremediation technology created in conjunction with James Cook University.  The project will also set a new global benchmark for aquaculture water remediation, with algae to be used to remove nitrogen and phosphorous from waste water so the facility operates at zero net discharge.  Incorporating 170 Ha of prawn ponds, dual 7km ocean inlet and outlet pipelines along with 10Ha of bioremediation, the farm will incorporate new technology aimed at increasing yield whilst minimising operational costs. 

Ormes Project Solutions was engaged in mid 2019 to project manage the redesign, approvals and construction of the state-of-the-art facility.  Construction is expected to commence in 2021 with the first harvest of prawns in early 2022.


Cleveland Bay Purification Plant Upgrade

Project Value: $3.5m

The Cleveland Bay Purification Plant treats a large portion of Townsville’s wastewater, which needs to meet a suitable standard before being discharged into the environment. The plant now needs further upgrading to treat larger amounts of wastewater and meet current and future demands and industry standards.

The upgrades will cost $51 million — $31 million contributed by Townsville City Council and $20 million from the Queensland Government under its critical infrastructure funding program.  The construction contract was awarded to Monadelphous Engineering in June 2017 and construction commenced in July 2017.

Ormes Project Solutions (OPS) provided Project Management services for subcontractor NQ Excavations Pty Ltd (NQE) in the construction of the underground services package valued at $3.5m.  A 13 month project, OPS ensured NQE’s interests were protected commercially as well as provided high level guidance and support to the project team.


CBD Utilities Upgrade Project

Project Value: $55m

Recent performance assessments of the CBD water and sewer networks indicated that the network was deficient in fully meeting design flow and pressure requirements. These deficiencies were significantly exacerbated in the medium term as increased demand occurs with the forecast ongoing redevelopment of the CBD and surrounds.  Due to the age of the existing infrastructure, many of the water mains suffered from tuberculation that substantially further reduced their capacity.

In order to satisfy projected water demands within the CBD, a broad range of upgrades to the water and sewer networks were required. This involved both the augmentation and replacement of many of the mains within the CBD area. The  project also involved the provision of additional reservoir storage capacity in the form of a new major reservoir at Echlin Street, along with the necessary interconnecting water mains.

 The project was delivered via a bespoke single stage construction management contract derived specifically for the project and designed to ensure key project objectives such as continuity of supply, minimisation of impact on businesses and residences and the maximisation of the use of local content were achieved.  This contract model provided the flexibility to not only ensure the project was delivered 12 months ahead of time, but also allowed for the inclusion of additional scope items as the project realised savings along the way.


Townsville City Bus Hub

Project Value: $6m

Townsville City Council in partnership with the Queensland State Government is delivering a new Townsville City Bus Station. The Station will be situated in Ogden and Hanran Streets and will allow Sunbus services to pass through a single arrival and departure point in the CBD.

The bus station will provide bus passenger set down and pick up in close proximity to Flinders Street, Ross Creek, future waterfront redevelopments and the new stadium. The project is partly funded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, with Townsville City Council managing the design and construction of the Townsville City Bus Station.

Ormes Project Solutions (OPS) was responsible for all work from handover of the business case through to preparation of tender documentation for the construction contractor including:

  • Development of procurement strategy
  • Development of tender documentation and leading the procurement process for Engineering / Architectural Design Consultant
  • Design Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Procurement and Management of Demolition Contractor for early works package


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